As with end of year TV schedules, it seems right to cast an eye back over my first year blogging, mainly because I’ve lost any new ideas amongst the Christmas wrapping and packaging. If this is the recycling from one household then what hope is there? But, let’s not look at the terrifying impact of population growth and consumerism on the planet, (nor the damage inflicted by glow-in-the-dark alien slime pressed into a sofa), but instead at how too many people represents an untapped market for my blog. Who cares if we’re going to hell in a Toyota Prius. The ship is sinking, but we’re still singing.

A year ago I declared to the world, (which is Twitter right?) of my intention to write a weekly blog. It was overcast, which explains the lack of fireworks. Never having done it before, I thought it was a good idea, particularly as having started studying I considered it advisable to stop ALL creative writing to concentrate on that. Besides there’s only so many times you can tweet about how much you’re looking foreword to reading a book (boom!).

Since then, I’ve blogged about football, advertising and obviously blogging. I’ve discovered the joy of a popular post and the disappointment of those less well-received; which in my opinion are tragically the best. Basically, I’ve learnt how to blog. I’ve certainly learnt how to check visitor stats with the sort of diligence generally seen in nurses tending life support machines.

I’ve met some wonderfully supportive people – you know who you are – and I also got trolled, by someone who thought sending photos of fists and saying I deserved to get more intimate with them was somehow spreading peace and goodwill to all men. I was shocked at how deeply such a cowardly act effected me. Annoyingly this was after I’d written a blog on bullying –

My sister suggested I make my blog posts a little shorter, which I took in the only way possible. Once I had been talked out of the bathroom, she suggested this was due to people’s short attention spans, not the quality of my blog. It was the most desperate backtracking since Ed Miliband tried to explain away his 2nd kitchen, but I took her point. After all, it’s always good to get advice from impartial people you’re not related to and to whom you owe £35 on an on-going basis, but there were none available.

What else have I leant? Keep good company, as BBC’s And Then There Were None demonstrated, nothing is more worrying than being in a room with a Dr, Policeman, Judge, General and a dandy. I’ve also discovered that port is calcium for the soul, either that or it’s the cheese. And that I’m soon able to say my first novel is being published this year, in fact it’ll be hard to stop me from saying it So, before I start again, here’s to a very fulfilling and happy new year to everyone.

The Life Assistance Agency is available for Pre-order here:

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