While I admire the certainty of folks on Facebook and Twitter, I’m changing my mind about bombing ISIS in Syria on an hourly basis, and I can’t be alone. And I mean bombing ISIS in Syria, as opposed the simplified propaganda of ‘Don’t Bomb Syria.’

It’s a reason I hate Facebook for political opinion, as it polarizes, where there should be middle ground, discussion that’s preferably eye-to-eye. It’s either like, or dislike – there’s no room for the middle ground. It’s split, like a baby sees the world. Of course, extremists might favour this, but politics has always been about getting to know yourself, as much as others. It alarms me that right wing opinion has been somehow blanketed on social media. Anyway, this is not an exhaustive account, or even entirely reflective of my opinion, it’s simply a comment on how torn I am.

I was Pro the bombing. Can we really allow for such a brutal and barbaric state to grow unchecked? But, a bunch of rag tag psychopaths in rusting Toyotas and army fatigues completed by white Reeboks can’t be this clever: they’re too angry and stupid for such ploys, bombing them probably is what they want. It was then that I discovered the inescapable sense that sinister masterminds in Saudi Arabia are luring the West into a trap, And I don’t mean the sort who can do well in the General Knowledge round, AS WELL AS full marks on the Koran as their specialised subject.

Of course there’s the irony that the most left wing-ed liberals (liberals come from both sides) surely despise everything ISIS and its Wahhabi brand of Islam stands for. After all their own embrace of Western human rights, homosexuality and even belief in Stop the War, would have them burnt alive on the medieval pyre first. Corbyn’s suggestion that police should not shoot armed terrorists opening fire themselves in public spaces put a serious question over whose side he is on, despite him hypocritically changing his mind the following day.

Yet, ISIS cannot survive without people buying their oil and bankrolling their operations and terror cells, which is doubtless coming from Saudi Arabia. So if ISIS are simply the puppet then where are the strings?

The current UK Socialist opposition denying the request of France’s socialist government is hardly comradely, and demonstrates perfectly how allegiances are split across parties. Which again is probably what ISIS wants – if not a civil war, then a civil war of principles and beliefs. On the other hand David Cameron must be correct to consider the safety of his country, and to act decisively.

You could even argue that with the commitment of Germany, France and Russia already established, perhaps it would be better if UK did get involved with our advanced and significantly more accurate Brimstone missiles (even if their name suits religious fanatics so perfectly they could only have scripted it better by naming them more fully: Fire And Brimstone In Hell). Mind you, what the hell do these uneasy partners do, once common goals are achieved, to expose rather different ones in regard to Assad?

But then, tackling terrorists using human shields probably requires the precision of ground troops, not aerial bombing…

I hope I’m not judged or cussed for this diatribe. It’s simply what my head’s been doing since the Paris shootings, when it was clear events would lead to this. There’s the inescapable sense that if we don’t act now, then we might be provoked to at a later date through another tragedy of our own. One thing I am sure of is I don’t actually envy any of our MPs tonight, particularly the ones voting Yes. I’m unsure they can win either way, even without getting deselected by their own party if they defy the Labour party line.